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The tower of Meloria

Meloria is a rocky islet, surrounded by a shoal, off the Tuscan coast, in the Ligurian Sea, almost opposite Livorno. It was the scene of two naval battles of the Middle Ages.

The first Battle of Meloria, on May 3, 1241, was fought between the fleet of the emperor Frederick II, surnamed Stupor Mundi, in alliance with Pisa, against a Genoese squadron and ended with a Pisan and Imperial victory.

The second battle, fought on Sunday August 6, 1284, was of higher historical importance. Usually, "Battle of Meloria" refers to this battle. It was a typical medieval sea-fight, and accomplished the ruin of Pisa as a naval power, in favor of Genoa.

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Coordinates: 43°32′53″N 10°13′08″E / 43.548°N 10.219°E / 43.548; 10.219