Members of the Australian Senate, 1993–1996

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This is a list of members of the Australian Senate from 1993 to 1996:

Senator Party State Years in Office
Eric Abetz 2 Liberal Tasmania 1994–present
Richard Alston Liberal Victoria 1986–2004
Brian Archer 2 Liberal Tasmania 1975–1994
Michael Baume Liberal New South Wales 1984–1996
Michael Beahan ALP Western Australia 1987–1996
Robert Bell Democrat Tasmania 1990–1996
Bronwyn Bishop 4 Liberal New South Wales 1987–1994
Hon Nick Bolkus ALP South Australia 1981–2005
Ron Boswell National Queensland 1983–2014
Vicki Bourne Democrat Queensland 1990–2002
David Brownhill National New South Wales 1984–2000
Bryant Burns ALP Queensland 1987–1996
Paul Calvert Liberal Tasmania 1987–2007
Ian Campbell Liberal Western Australia 1990–2007
Kim Carr ALP Victoria 1993–present
Grant Chapman Liberal South Australia 1987–2008
Bruce Childs ALP New South Wales 1980–1997
Christabel Chamarette Green (WA) Western Australia 1992–1996
Noel Crichton-Browne Liberal Western Australia 1980–1996
John Coates ALP Tasmania 1980–1996
Bob Collins ALP Northern Territory 1987–1998
Jacinta Collins 7 ALP Victoria 1995–2005, 2008–present
Dr Mal Colston ALP Queensland 1975–1999
Stephen Conroy 11 ALP Victoria 1996–present
Barney Cooney ALP Victoria 1984–2002
Hon Peter Cook ALP Western Australia 1983–2005
Dr John Coulter 9 Democrat South Australia 1987–1995
Winston Crane Liberal Western Australia 1990–2002
Dr Rosemary Crowley ALP South Australia 1983–2002
Kay Denman 1 ALP Tasmania 1993–2005
John Devereux 10 ALP/Independent 6 Tasmania 1987–1996
Chris Ellison Liberal Western Australia 1993–2009
Chris Evans ALP Western Australia 1993–2013
Hon Gareth Evans 11 ALP Victoria 1977–1996
Hon John Faulkner ALP New South Wales 1989–present
Alan Ferguson Liberal South Australia 1992–2011
Dominic Foreman ALP South Australia 1980–1997
Michael Forshaw 5 ALP New South Wales 1994–2011
Brian Gibson Liberal Tasmania 1993–2002
Brian Harradine Independent Tasmania 1975–2005
Dr John Herron Liberal Queensland 1990–2002
Robert Hill Liberal South Australia 1981–2006
Gerry Jones ALP Queensland 1980–1996
Rod Kemp Liberal Victoria 1990–2008
Cheryl Kernot Democrat Queensland 1990–1997
Susan Knowles Liberal Western Australia 1984–2005
Meg Lees Democrat South Australia 1990–2005
Stephen Loosely 8 ALP New South Wales 1990–1995
Ian Macdonald Liberal Queensland 1990–present
Sandy Macdonald National New South Wales 1993–1999, 2000–2008
David MacGibbon Liberal Queensland 1977–1999
Sue Mackay 10 ALP Tasmania 1996–2005
Dee Margetts Green (WA) Western Australia 1993–1999
Julian McGauran National Victoria 1987–1990, 1993–2011
Jim McKiernan ALP Western Australia 1984–2002
Hon Bob McMullan ALP Australian Capital Territory 1988–1996
Nick Minchin Liberal South Australia 1993–2011
Shayne Murphy ALP Tasmania 1993–2005
Belinda Neal 3 ALP New South Wales 1994–1998
Jocelyn Newman Liberal Tasmania 1986–2002
Bill O'Chee National Queensland 1990–1999
John Panizza Liberal Western Australia 1987–1997
Warwick Parer Liberal Queensland 1984–2000
Dr Kay Patterson Liberal Victoria 1987–2008
Hon Robert Ray ALP Victoria 1981–2008
Margaret Reid Liberal Australian Capital Territory 1981–2003
Hon Margaret Reynolds ALP Queensland 1983–1999
Hon Graham Richardson 5 ALP New South Wales 1983–1994
Chris Schacht ALP South Australia 1987–2002
Hon Nick Sherry ALP Tasmania 1990–2012
Jim Short Liberal Victoria 1984–1997
Hon Kerry Sibraa 3 ALP New South Wales 1975–1978, 1978–1994
Sid Spindler Democrat Victoria 1990–1996
Natasha Stott Despoja 9 Democrat South Australia 1995–2008
Grant Tambling CLP Northern Territory 1987–2001
Hon Michael Tate 1 ALP Tasmania 1977–1993
Baden Teague Liberal South Australia 1977–1996
John Tierney Liberal New South Wales 1991–2005
Judith Troeth Liberal Victoria 1993–2011
Amanda Vanstone Liberal South Australia 1984–2007
John Watson Liberal Tasmania 1978–2008
Suzanne West ALP New South Wales 1987–2002
Tom Wheelwright 8 ALP New South Wales 1995–1996
John Woodley Democrat Queensland 1993–2001
Dr Bob Woods 4 Liberal New South Wales 1994–1997
Olive Zakharov 7 ALP Victoria 1983–1995
1 Tasmanian ALP Senator Michael Tate resigned on 5 July 1993. Kay Denman was appointed as his replacement on 24 August.
2 Tasmanian Liberal Senator Brian Archer resigned on 31 January 1994. Eric Abetz was appointed as his replacement on 22 February.
3 New South Wales ALP Senator Kerry Sibraa resigned on 1 February 1994. Belinda Neal was appointed as his replacement on 8 March.
4 New South Wales Liberal Senator Bronwyn Bishop resigned on 24 February 1994. Dr Bob Woods was appointed as her replacement on 8 March.
5 New South Wales ALP Senator Graham Richardson resigned on 25 March 1994. Michael Forshaw was appointed as his replacement on 10 May.
6 Tasmanian Senator John Devereux resigned from the ALP on 21 December 1994, and served out the remainder of his term as an independent.
7 Victorian ALP Senator Olive Zakharov died on 6 March 1995. Jacinta Collins was appointed as her replacement on 3 May.
8 New South Wales ALP Senator Stephen Loosely resigned on 21 May 1995. Tom Wheelwright was appointed as his replacement on 24 May.
9 South Australian Democrat Senator Dr John Coulter resigned on 20 November 1995. Natasha Stott Despoja was appointed as his replacement on 23 November.
10 John Devereux resigned from the Senate on 7 February 1996. Though he was an independent at the time of his resignation, he had been elected as an ALP member, meaning that Sue Mackay, an ALP member, was appointed as his replacement on 8 March.
11 Victorian ALP Senator Gareth Evans resigned on 6 February 1996, to run for the House of Representatives seat of Holt. Steve Conroy was appointed as his replacement on 30 April.
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