Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1851–1855

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This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1851 to 1855. Sixteen members were elected at the 1851 state election with terms expiring in 1854. The four official (i.e. holding offices - front bench) members and four non-official members were nominated by the Governor on behalf of the Crown. Voting was voluntary and restricted to land-holding males. This Council was dissolved by proclamation on 15 August 1855, and elections held for 6 City seats on 20 September and 7 Country seats on 21 September.

Name Seat Notes
George Fife Angas Elected for Barossa
Charles Hervey Bagot Elected for Light resigned 7 July 1853, replaced by:
John Tuthill Bagot 26 July 1853
John Baker Elected for Mount Barker
Major Norman Campbell Non-Official Nominee resigned 16 Dec 1951, replaced by:
George Anstey 17 Dec. 1851 – 25 August 1852
Frederick Dutton 25 August 1852 – 14 July 1853
Edward Stephens from 14 July 1853
Robert Davenport Elected for Hindmarsh resigned 29 June 1854
Dr. John Rankine elected in August
Francis Dutton Elected for East Adelaide
Alexander Lang Elder Elected for West Adelaide resigned 30 March 1853, replaced by:
James Hurtle Fisher 6 May 1853 – 24 October 1855
John Ellis Elected for Flinders
Boyle Travers Finniss Official Nominee (Registrar-General)
William Giles Elected for Yatala
John Grainger Non-Official Nominee resigned 18 December 1854[1]
Edward Castres Gwynne Non-Official Nominee
George Hall Elected for Port Adelaide resigned 7 July 1853, replaced by William Scott 26 July 1853
Richard Davies Hanson Official Nominee (Advocate-General)
Charles Simeon Hare Elected for West Torrens
John Hart Elected for Victoria resigned 7 July 1853, re-elected 7 July 1854
George Kingston Elected for The Burra
John Morphett Non-Official Nominee
John Bentham Neales Elected for North Adelaide
William Peacock Elected for Noarlunga
Charles Sturt Official Nominee (Colonial Secretary)
Robert Richard Torrens Official Nominee (Collector of Customs)
George Waterhouse Elected for East Torrens resigned 3 June 1854, replaced by:
Charles Fenn 27 June 1854
William Younghusband Elected for Stanley

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