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Memeo Inc. is a Silicon-Valley based software and services company focused on providing secure file sharing and data protection services to businesses. Founded in 2003, Memeo traditionally focused in end-point backup, has taken its expertise in cloud-based data protection[citation needed] into the sync and share business market with Memeo C1. Memeo helps SMBs and Enterprise customers take on the challenges and risks associated with rogue personal file sharing accounts plaguing IT in today’s mobile business world by delivering an SMB sync and share solution that incorporates strong security features. Memeo has 22 million customers and has shipped over 65 million software licenses to more than 150 countries in 20 languages.[citation needed]

On March 31, 2014, Memeo was acquired by UNICOM Global, a technology company founded in 1981 with over 35 corporate entities around the globe and offices in all major geographies.

Memeo Inc.
MemeoInc company logo.png
Type Software
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA
CEO Corry Hong
Industry Technology
Products Memeo C1
Services Software as a service

Business Solutions[edit]

Memeo C1[edit]

Memeo C1 provides employees with an easy to use[citation needed] solution to access and share business files from computers, mobile devices and the web. Memeo C1's robust[citation needed] online management console puts business owners and IT in complete control over the way business data is accessed, viewed, modified and shared, while using state of the art security practices.[citation needed]

Memeo Professional Backup[edit]

Memeo Professional Backup is simple to set up[citation needed] and allows for a customized backup plan. The program runs silently in the background while employees work, automatically backing up data according to their customized plan. The web-based management console provides IT managers the flexibility of remote deployment and monitoring of multiple employee workstations.[citation needed]

Memeo Send[edit]

Memeo Send is the simplest way to send large data files and avoids the pitfalls of using email.[dubious ] The folks at CNET called it "undeniably easy to execute."[citation needed]

Home Solutions[edit]

Memeo Premium Backup[edit]

Memeo Premium Backup is a flexible[citation needed] file and folder backup and recovery program for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. Choosing file to include in a backup plan will back up from your[who?] C drive to external hard drives, another computer on your network, USB storage devices, or online storage. Memeo Premium Backup provides the flexibility of multiple backup destinations as well.[citation needed]

Memeo Instant Backup[edit]

Memeo Instant Backup is the simplest out of the box backup and recovery solution from Memeo.[citation needed] Setup is easy - just one click to get an initial backup plan in place.[dubious ] After initial setup, the files and folders on the C drive will automatically be backed up every time a file is changed.

Memeo AutoSync[edit]

Memeo AutoSync tracks changed made to files and automatically syncs to external storage devices when attached to a Windows desktop or laptop computer allowing for easy access to files and folders. After initial setup, syncing is automatic and files are automatically synced to local destinations every time a change is made. AutoSync works across multiple computers, USB devices and portable hard drives.

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