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Dating back to 2009-2010 Fashion Week producers in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore and Vancouver have pushed to provide a platform for a growing apparel segment - menswear - by creating a separate Fashion Week (weekend or day) for menswear fashion designers and brands - Men's Fashion Week. "Designer's say that debuting their collections in September - three months after Milan and Paris hold their Men's Fashion Week - is bad for business. Merit to the apparel segment, traditional womenswear designers such as Vera Wang recently announced that they will be launching new menswear divisions.

Men's Fashion Week is held twice a year in major cities across the globe typically in January (Autumn/Winter) and June (Spring/Summer). The fashion industry event is held for fashion professionals and fashion occult. Designers and brands showcase upcoming collections to press, media, stylists, buyers, fashion trailblazers and, in some cases, the national public. In recent years, designers have tried making the esoteric experience available to the general public by broadcasting their runway shows via the World Wide Web.

Universal support for menswear designers is expected to result in Men's Fashion Week launches across the globe. In January 2012 London announced that it would dedicate an entire weekend to menswear fashion designers. Singapore dedicated a few days to men's shows. Los Angeles followed suit launching Men's Fashion Week LA in 2012. Additionally, Vancouver does Men's Fashion Week. Among other cities, New York has supported the developments in the menswear segment, but has yet to announce a Fashion Week dedicated entirely to menswear fashion designers. Currently Paris promotes their men's runway shows as a part of their regular Fashion Week schedule.


In April 2012 Tinie Tempah was announced as the Brand Ambassador for Men's London Fashion Week.