Men, Women & Children (film)

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Men, Women & Children
Directed by Jason Reitman
Produced by Jason Reitman
Written by Jason Reitman
Erin Cressida Wilson
Based on Men, Women & Children 
by Chad Kultgen
Starring Adam Sandler
Rosemarie DeWitt
Emma Thompson
Jennifer Garner
Right of Way Films
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Country United States
Language English

Men, Women & Children is an upcoming American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman co-written with Erin Cressida Wilson, based on a novel of same name written by Chad Kultgen. The film stars Adam Sandler, Rosemarie DeWitt, Emma Thompson and Jennifer Garner.



On September 4, 2013 director Jason Reitman was about to add Adam Sandler, Rosemarie DeWitt and Jennifer Garner for the lead roles in his next comedy film.[2] On December 16 three more stars were casted include Emma Thompson, Judy Greer and Dean Norris.[1] The young cast includes Ansel Elgort, Kaitlyn Dever, Elena Kampouris, Travis Tope, Katherine Hughes, Olivia Crocicchia and Timothée Chalamet.[3] Other stars are David Denman, Jason Douglas, Dennis Haysbert, Shane Lynch and J.K. Simmons.[4] Will Peltz also joined cast of the film on December 17.[5]


The principal photography of the film has begun on December 16, 2013 in and around Austin, Texas,[3] as Paramount Pictures announced officially.[4]


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