Menace of Destruction

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Master of Destruction
Founded 1988
Founding location Sacramento, California, United States
Years active 1988 - Present
Territory California, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Washington, Kansas, Florida, Pennsylvania[1] Oklahoma[2]
Ethnicity Predominantly Hmong
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, robbery, assault, burglary, kidnapping, theft and homicide.

The first generation Master of Destruction or the younger generation of "Menace of Destruction" or M.O.D. for short, is a Hmong street gang active in California and the Midwestern United States. They have been known for trafficking illegal drugs (especially methamphetamine) and weapons together with the mafia groups in the U.S. Mafia have also been used as contract killers by the M.O.D. The gang can also be identified with its number affiliation "301".[3]


Peace MOD or M.O.D was the first Hmong gang that was introduced in the United States, and the largest Hmong gang. In the 80's, the gang leader was led by group of young Moua families who allied with other Hmong families last names. At the time, the goal of the gang was to protect their people from the racial society, to live in a peaceful environment. The group was challenged by other groups who opposed their peaceful ideal that had caused into gang wars. This had led Peace MOD to form M.O.D known as “Master of Destruction” or “Mafia of Disciple.” As years passed, gang wars increased. In early 90's, M.O.D faced many theme of violence that led to their first member's death in 1993, named Kong Feng Moua in Sacramento, California. He led with a strong-minded and a notorious member who has become legendary within the group by pushing the limits; no matter what the cost was who believed “a true member, a brave soul will block a pullet for another.” The attention of true love, as a family will protect its own. His ambition to raise the gang to the top had him networked with the mafia with an astonishing story. Earlier 90’s, MOD eliminated many groups that opposed them whose gang names are no longer heard of.

The color “red” as to their blood inside them is a reminder to each members that “blood is thicker than water” as to “being a strong family bond.”


Menace of Destruction members tend to use the color red for clothing.[4] Some of them are wearing the blue color and are also known as MOD crip because they consider themselves as thug (colorless gang).


Milwaukee County[edit]

Fifteen members of the Menace of Destruction gang were charged for various crimes during the year of 2004 through 2009 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. They were all charged with 18 counts altogether, including racketeering, aggravated battery while armed, burglary, endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to harbor a felon and perjury. During the years between 2004 and 2009, M.O.D. and other Hmong gang were both involved in a turf war with each other, which resulted in more than 120 shootings in the area.[4]


In February 2005, members of the Menace of Destruction were involved in a shooting attack on a group of Tibetan Americans that left two people dead and four others wounded outside a pool hall in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The Tibetans were mistakenly thought to be members of a rival gang, and the two groups engaged into a fistfight. The fistfight escalated to bottles and other objects being thrown at each parties, and then multiple M.O.D. members retrieved firearms from their cars and opened fire at the Tibetans. Two men were arrested and convicted of first-degree murder, and six other gang members were convicted of lesser offenses.[1][5]