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A Mighty Fortress Is Our God on the Meneely Bell Foundry (1901) bell set at St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina

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The first Meneely bell foundry was established in 1826 in West Troy (now Watervliet), New York,[citation needed] by Andrew Meneely, a former apprentice in the foundry of Benjamin Hanks.[1] Two of Andrew's sons continued to operate the foundry after his death, and it remained a family operation until its closure.

The second Meneely bell foundry was established in 1870 by a third son, Clinton H. Meneely, across the river in Troy, New York. Initially he was in partnership with George H. Kimberly, under the name Meneely & Kimberly; this second foundry was reorganized in 1879 as the Clinton H. Meneely Bell Company, then later as the Meneely Bell Company. Like its related competitor, it remained a family operation until its closure.

The two foundries competed vigorously (and sometimes bitterly) with each other, and their products should not be confused. Together, they produced about 65,000 bells before they both closed in 1952.[2][3]

Bell locations[edit]

Below is a sample of locations where bells from one or the other of the Meneely bell foundries can be seen and heard:

Below is a sample of locations where bells from the second Meneely bell foundry can be seen and heard:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Irwin, PA one bell installed shortly after 1880.
  • Davis County Courthouse (Maneely & Kimberly Bell Co., 1879) in Bloomfield, Iowa
  • The Phelps School's "Victory Bell" in Malvern, Pennsylvania
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell remains in front of the Cortland Elementary School in Cortland, Ohio. The school was once named Cortland Union School as cast on the bell 1876. This bell will soon be relocated to the Cortland High School.
  • The Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower, Chapel Hill, NC. The twelve original bells were cast by the Meneely Bell Company [13] in the early 1930s, and supplemented by two bells from Petit & Fritsen, Belgium in 1998.
  • Sainte-Marthe-De-Vaudreuil Catholic Church, Quebec, Canada.
  • St. Andrew's United Church in Markham, Ontario [14]
  • Bell in the name of Miss Elsie Priest, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan.
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell is in daily service in the Parish Church of San Andres Xecul, Totonicapan, Guatemala.
  • Most Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Soldiers Chapel - Schofield Barracks; Wahiawa,Oahu, Hawaii. Church steeple built 1913. Bell dated 1911.
  • Assumption Church - Staten Island, NY. Assumption - St. Paul Parish. Bells dedicated August 6, 1922.[15]
  • St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Ogden, Kansas. Bell dated 1910
  • St. Patrick Church, Lowell, Massachusetts. Bells dated 1905
  • St. Johns Episcopal Church, Kula Hawaii (Maui) Bell dated 1909
  • Monastery of Annunciation, located in West Morava Canyon, Serbia, dated 1920
  • A Meneely & Kimberly bell dated 1877 is located in and used at the First Presbyterian Church of Cadillac, MI
  • Christ Church Windermere, Ontario, Canada. Inscription on the bell- (one side)"In memory of Charles Henry Mockridge, Priest and Doctor, February 25th 1913". (other side) "Meneely Bell Company, Troy NY, 1914"

Columbian Liberty Bell[edit]

The Columbian Liberty Bell was cast by Clinton H. Meneely's foundry for display at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The bell disappeared while on tour in Europe.[16] [17] [18] [19]

Saint Anthony’s Church Bell, Prague, Czech Republic[edit]

The Meneely bell that hangs in St Anthony's Church in Prague was purchased by the Mid-European Union in October 1918 to commemorate the independence of Czechoslovakia after World War I and donated to the group's president, Thomas Masaryk, who became the head of the country's provisional government and, in 1920, the Czechoslovak president. The bell cost $2,000 and weighed 2,542 pounds (1,155 kg).

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