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[citation needed]Meneng (or Menen) is a district located in the Meneng Constituency in the country of Nauru.

The constituency elects 3 members to the Parliament of Nauru in Yaren.

Noted features[edit]

Meneng district shown within Nauru.

The Menen Hotel, the more expensive of the island's two tourist lodgings (the other hotel is in Aiwo), is located in the district. Near the hotel is Anibare Bay.

Other locations in Meneng include:

Location and area[edit]

The district is located in the southeast of the island, covering an area of 3.1 km².


The district has a population of 1400. Meneng has 18 villages, the most of any district in Nauru.

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'EDUMWEINEINGIN' or 'EASTERLY WIND' comes from this part of the island

Coordinates: 0°32′53″S 166°56′22″E / 0.54806°S 166.93944°E / -0.54806; 166.93944