Meng (river)

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Origin Red Wall, Vorarlberg
Mouth Ill (Austria)
Basin countries Austria
Length 18 kilometres (11 mi)
Source elevation 2,390 metres (7,840 ft)

The Meng River originates from the Red Wall mountain gorge at 2,390 metres (7,840 ft) above sea level. It flows through the Gamperdonatal in a northern direction, where it unites in the municipality of Nenzing with the Ill. It reaches a length of 18 kilometers.

The Gampbach with 5 kilometers of length approaches from the right side out of the Gamptal. Gampbach merges in the middle part with the Meng River.

Coordinates: 47°11′N 9°43′E / 47.183°N 9.717°E / 47.183; 9.717