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Mens Sana Monographs  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Mens Sana Monogr.
Discipline Biomedicine, mental health
Language English
Edited by Ajai R. Singh
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Yearly
ISSN 0973-1229 (print)
1998-4014 (web)
OCLC no. 234238733

The Mens Sana Monographs (MSM) is an open-access peer-reviewed medical journal-cum-monographic series. It is Devoted to the Understanding of Medicine, Mental Health, Mind, Man and their Matrix.[1] (It explains "Mens sana" in its own name by referencing Juvenal's phrase Mens sana in corpore sano, saying "A healthy (sound) mind ... is the mission of the [series].")[2] Published by the Mens Sana Research Foundation and Medknow Publications, it attempts to give in-depth understanding of Psychiatric/Biomedical/Psychological/Philosophical consequences of social disorders/issues and current events.[3] It does so through Analysis and Opinion articles and Monographs, based on evidence and research studies. Monographs are to be followed by enlightened discussion on the issues raised by interested readers/scholars. Every issue also has a MSM Book Review and MSM Poems section. Besides full length papers and editorials, it also has sections called Musings, Reflections, The Looking Glass, and Journalology. Although MSM is a journal, every volume is also published as a book, with a separate ISBN number. MSM is a not for profit venture.

History and editors[edit]

Mens Sana Monographs started publication in May 2003 and was published bimonthly earlier. From Jan 2007, MSM is published annually. MSM's editor in chief is Ajai R. Singh, who is a member of the World Association of Medical Editors.[4]

Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development[edit]

Mens Sana Monographs took part[5] in the initiative launched by The Council of Science Editors (CSE) to have a Global Theme Issue on 'Poverty and Human Development'.[6] It published papers on this topic in its Theme Issue of Jan 2008[7] and pre-published a paper related to Poverty and Human Development[8] on Monday, 22 Oct 2007 to coincide with this world wide initiative of the CSE.,[9][10]

Theme Monographs 2006-2013[edit]

Mens Sana Monographs has published Theme Monographs on topics like, 'What Medicine Means to Me' (2006),[11] 'Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever the Duo Shall Meet' (2007),[12] 'Medicine, Mental Health, Science, Religion and Well-being' (2008),[13] 'Some Issues in Women's Studies, and Other Essays' (2009),[14] 'Psychopharmacology Today' (2010),[15] 'Issues in Schizophrenia, Medicalization, Stigma, Biomedicine, Journalology, and Other Essays' (2012),[16] and 'Psychiatry, Consciousness and Other Essays (2013).[17]

International Seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness and connected Theme Monograph MSM 2011[edit]

The Mens Sana Monographs, along with the World Psychiatric Association [Philosophy and Humanities Section] and the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, co-sponsored an International Seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness. It was conducted by VPM's Joshi-Bedekar College of Arts and Commerce, at its campus at Thane, Maharashtra, India, 13 to 15 January 2010.[18] MSM 2011, titled, Brain, Mind and Consciousness: An Interdisciplinary International Perspective, is based on the papers presented there.[19]

Reviews and republication[edit]

The 2006 monograph entitled "What Medicine Means to Me" was reviewed by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry,[20] while the 2008 issue entitled "Medicine, Mental Health, Science, Religion and Well-being" has been reviewed by Metapsychology Online Reviews.[21] The 2006 editorial ("What is a good editorial?") has been republished in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology,[22] while the 2010 editorial ("Modern Medicine: Towards Prevention, Cure, Well-being and Longevity") has been translated in Portuguese and republished as "Medicina moderna: rumo à prevenção, à cura, ao bem-estar e à longevidade".[23]

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

Mens Sana Monographs are indexed with CAB Abstracts, EBSCO Publishing's Electronic Databases [1], Global Health, Scimago Journal Rank [2], Scopus, NLM[3], [4], PubMed [5], PubMed Central [6], PubMed Central Canada[7] and UK PubMed Central[8].


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