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One of the Georgian monarchs, mepe Bagrat III of Georgia.

Mepe (Georgian: მეფე, Georgian pronunciation: [mɛpʰɛ]) is a title used to designate the Georgian monarch,[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] whether it is a King or a Queen regnant.

მეფე (mepe) literally means king, and even if a female heir apparent will be crowned as a Georgian monarch she will be called as a king and not as a queen.

The word mepe is derived from Georgian word "me-u-pe" which literally means sovereign and lord.

Georgian language having no grammatical gender, word mepe is strictly masculine royal title.

Even though მეფე (mepe) has a female equivalent which is დედოფალი (dedopali, literally meaning queen) it is only applied to the king's consort and does not have a meaning of a ruling monarch.[8]

An equivalent of Mepe in other cultures are King, Tsar, Shah, Khan, Sultan, Malik, Caliph, Emperor or more ancient Pharaoh.

Later, after David IV official title of king has become "mepet mepe" (king of kings), similar to Persian Shahanshah.

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