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Haji Meraj Khalid Noor
Haji Meraj Khalid Noor.jpg
for Rashtriya Awami Movement (RAM)
Assumed office
29 Jan 2014
Preceded by Haji Noor Ahmad
Personal details
Born (1980-07-19) 19 July 1980 (age 33)
Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Residence New Delhi, India
Alma mater Vanijya Mahavidhyalaya, Patna
University of Madras
Patna University
Magadh University
Website [1]
Nickname(s) Haji Noor
As of 14 February, 2014

Haji Meraj Khalid Noor (Hindi: हाजी मेराज खालिद नूर) is an India Social Activist and President of the Rashtriya Awaami Movement (RAM). He is also known for his facial resemblance with Osama Bin Laden.[1] He has served as a General Secretary in Jamia Ameeruddin Educational & Charitable Welfare Minority Trust. He is the first ranked member of the RAM India.

Meraj Khalid Noor comes from the socialist influential family. His father Haji Noor Ahmed a veteran Gandhian socialist who was the co-initiater of Jayaprakash Andolan, popularly known as JP Andolan against misrule and corruption in the government of India and his late Grandfather "Mohammad Ameeruddin" had served as the a freedom fighter.

He studied Post Graduation Diploma in Rural Development Management. After obtaining the degree in Rural Development Management from Patna university he started to work towards the betterment of the society however he faced a lot of challenges when tried to bring the development in the rural areas. That's when he decided to campaign for Bihar election.

Election Campaign[edit]

Haji Meraj Khalid Noor is a young man from Bihar who campaigned the election for Lok Jana Shakti Party in 2005 Bihar elections. He later associated himself with Lalu Prasad Yadav and his political party Rashtriya Janata Dal. [2] In April 2014, he announced his candidature for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections from Varanasi.[3]


Noor was always worried about people who belongs to general quota however monetarily comes under BPL.[4] as they are not even eligible for the reservations which SC/ST or OBC get. In later phase of his life he formed Rashtriya Awaami Movement (RAM) and started a revolution through which he demanded the reservation for minorities and forward caste (BPL)and also demanded amendment in Article 341 for addition of Muslims as all the religions in India are already included apart from Muslims.


According to Noor, education is the main reason for poverty. He established institutions for primary educations.[5] to MAK Research Institute Of Nursing & Medical Science for Professional education under Jamia Ameeruddin Group of Institutions which also helps with scholarships for needy students.

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