Merak, Bhutan

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Merak is a settlement in the far east of Bhutan. It is located in Trashigang District.

Merak is located under Sakteng Dungkhag, which falls under Trashigang District. The community is predominated by unique race well known as Brokpas " Highlanders". The place is two days walk from the road point till 2012; however, with the support of the government the place is linked with farm road till Phungshingmang. Its very difficult to believe, but the historically, the area is well known for myestic animal Yeti "Big foot" and popularly known as YETI valley.


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Coordinates: 27°17′49″N 91°50′06″E / 27.297°N 91.835°E / 27.297; 91.835

The people are widely known as Brokpa, meaning highlander. The main activities of these highlanders are raising of the domestic animals.