Mararit language

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Native to Sudan, Chad
Region western sudan and Eastern Chad
Ethnicity Mararit
Native speakers
42,000  (1993 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mgb
Glottolog mara1396[2]
Linguasphere 05-PEA-aa

The Mararit language is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in eastern Chad. language group of the Western branch of Nilo-Saharan. There are two dialects. One is called Mararit and the other is called Abou Charib. The majority speak the Abou Charid dialect of the language. Mararit people live in Argid Mararit, Abid Mararit, Wadah area, Donkey Kuma, Sani Kiro,in North Darfur State; in Silala area in South Darfur State and in Gienena provinvce in West Darfur State. Furthermore, the Talgai, Mirakawi,wilkawi,Tirgawi are sections of Mararit people .


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