Mercedes-Benz F700

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Mercedes-Benz F700

The Mercedes-Benz F700 is a concept car produced by Mercedes-Benz. It was first revealed to the public at the 2008 Frankfurt motor show.

It was given as a gift to UAE President Sheikh Khalifa.

DiesOtto engine[edit]

The F700 is powered by Mercedes' DiesOtto engine, so called because it combines elements of diesel and petrol (Otto cycle). The concept 4-cylinder engine displaces 1.8-litres, and features twin sequential turbochargers, generating 177 kW and 400Nm at unspecified engine speeds.[1] As a result, the F700 has performance equivalent to the Mercedes-Benz S350, with a fuel consumption rating of 53 US MPG or 4.43L/100 km.


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