Merchants Bridge

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Merchants Bridge
Official name Merchants Memorial Mississippi Rail Bridge
Carries Amtrak
Crosses Mississippi River
Locale St. Louis, Missouri
Design Steel truss bridge
Total length 4,340 feet (1,320 m)
Longest span 518 feet (158 m)
Vertical clearance 83 feet (25 m)
Opened 1889
Daily traffic 100 trains per week.
Closed 1920-1926
Coordinates 38°40′29″N 90°11′10″W / 38.67472°N 90.18611°W / 38.67472; -90.18611

The Merchants Bridge, officially the Merchants Memorial Mississippi Rail Bridge, is a rail bridge crossing the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri owned by the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis. It opened in May 1889 and crossed the river three miles (5 km) north of the Eads Bridge.[1]

The bridge was originally built by the St. Louis Merchants Exchange after it lost control of the Eads Bridge it had built to the Terminal Railroad. The Exchange feared a Terminal Railroad monopoly on the bridges but it would eventually lose control of the Merchants Bridge also.

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