The Bachelorette (season 2)

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The Bachelorette (season 2)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 8 (including 1 special)
Original channel ABC
Original run January 14, 2004 (2004-01-14) – February 25, 2004 (2004-02-25)
Season summary

The Bachelorette 2 is the second season of ABC reality television series The Bachelorette. The show premiered on January 14, 2004, featuring Meredith Phillips dating 25 men.

Phillips was rejected by Bob Guiney in the fourth season of The Bachelor, where she was the third runner-up. She ultimately chose Ian McKee, but they broke up in February 2005.[1]


Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Ian McKee 29 New York, NY Equity Research Sales Winner
Matthew Hickl 28 Friendswood, TX Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Episode 8
Chad 31 Buffalo, NY Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Episode 6
Lanny 26 Aubrey, TX Stallion and Breeding Manager Episode 5
Brad 29 Grand Rapids, MI Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Episode 4
Ryan M. 30 Santa Barbara, CA Financial Advisor Episode 4
Sean 31 Wall, NJ CPA Episode 4
Rick 29 San Diego, CA Business Manager Episode 3
Ryan R. 29 San Diego, CA Sales/Marketing Episode 3
Todd 36 San Francisco, CA Options Trader Episode 3
Damon 28 Cardiff, CA Arena Football Player Episode 2
Eliot 25 Mountain View, CA Options Trader Episode 2
Harold Hersh 29 Rock Island, IL Professional Hockey Player Episode 2
Marcus 26 Los Angeles, CA Personal Trainer Episode 2
Robert 32 El Segundo, CA Alliance Development Episode 2
Aaron 32 Sacramento, CA Title and Escrow Sales Episode 1
Andy Chang 33 Dallas, TX Dentist Episode 1
Anselm Clinard 32 Venice, CA Art Designer Episode 1
Brian 31 Quincy, MA Attorney Episode 1
Chris 31 Boston, MA Accountant Episode 1
Cory Higgins 24 Long Beach Island, NJ Small Business Owner Episode 1
Jeff O'Quinn 30 Macon, GA Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Episode 1
Justin 25 Orlando, FL Professional Baseball Player Episode 1
Keith 31 Baltimore, MD Financial Analyst Episode 1
Trever 35 North Wales, PA Restaurateur Episode 1

Call-Out Order[edit]

Meredith's Call-Out Order
# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 8
1 Aaron Harold Rick Ian Chad Ian Matthew Ian
2 Andy Todd Todd Sean Ian Matthew Ian Matthew
3 Anselm Brad Chad Chad Lanny Chad Chad
4 Brad Ryan M. Brad Ryan M. Matthew Lanny
5 Brian Ian Sean Brad Brad
6 Chad Chad Lanny Matthew Ryan M.
7 Chris Lanny Ryan R. Lanny Sean
8 Cory Robert Matthew Rick
9 Damon Sean Ian Ryan R.
10 Eliot Ryan R. Ryan M. Todd
11 Harold Damon Damon
12 Ian Eliot Eliot
13 Jeff Matthew Harold
14 Justin Marcus Marcus
15 Keith Rick Robert
16 Lanny Aaron
17 Marcus Andy
18 Matthew Anselm
19 Rick Brian
20 Robert Chris
21 Ryan M. Cory
22 Ryan R. Jeff
23 Sean Justin
24 Todd Keith
25 Trever Trever
  • Episode 7 was a special "Men Tell All" episode.
     The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony
     The contestant went on a group date
     The contestant went on a group date and was eliminated at the rose ceremony
     The contestant was on a one-on-one date
     The contestant was on a two-on-one date
     The contestant was on a two-on-one date and eliminated at the rose ceremony
     The contestant won the competition

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Week 7 (Finale)[edit]

Meredith Phillips[edit]

Meredith Phillips is a make-up artist, model, and former contestant on the fourth season of ABC's The Bachelor. After the show, she published Date Night Cookbook.[2]