Meridian Highway Bridge

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Meridian Highway Bridge
Meridian Bridge.jpg
Official name Meridian Highway Bridge
Carries pedestrians, previously 2 lanes of US 81
Crosses Missouri River
Locale Yankton, South Dakota and Cedar County, Nebraska
Design Vertical lift bridge double deck, Pratt through truss
Total length 3013 feet
Width 33 feet
Longest span 1668 feet
Clearance below feet
Opened 1924
Coordinates 42°51′52.47″N 97°23′38.31″W / 42.8645750°N 97.3939750°W / 42.8645750; -97.3939750

The Meridian Highway Bridge is a bridge that formerly carried U.S. Route 81 across the Missouri River between Nebraska and South Dakota. The Meridian Highway Bridge connects Yankton, South Dakota, with rural Cedar County, Nebraska. The Meridian Bridge is a double deck bridge, with the top level having carried traffic into South Dakota from Nebraska, and the lower level having carried traffic into Nebraska from South Dakota.


The dedication ceremony was held on October 11, 1924 and the bridge opened as a toll bridge. It was the last link of the Meridian Highway, which became U.S. Route 81, to be completed. It was designed for use by trains on the lower level of the bridge and vehicular traffic on the upper level; a lift mechanism allowed river traffic to pass below. However, trains never used the lower level. In 1953, all tolls were lifted and the two levels were converted to one-way traffic, northbound on the top, southbound on the bottom. .[1] In the 1980s, the lift mechanism and counterweights were removed, and the decorative iron railings on the upper level were replaced by Jersey barricades.

The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP reference number 93000537) in 1993.

On May 9, 2008, a 10-ton gross weight limit was placed on the bridge after an inspection found corrosion on the gusset plates. It was replaced by the Discovery Bridge upon its opening on October 11, 2008, exactly 84 years after the dedication of the Meridian Highway Bridge.[2][3]

Present and Future Use[edit]

With completion of the Discovery Bridge, the Meridian Bridge has been converted into a pedestrian/bike trail.[4] The bridge reopened in November 2011 to non-motorized traffic only. A two block-long pedestrian plaza will be added.[5]

The bridge spans the Missouri National Recreational River, a unit of the National Park Service created under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

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