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The Meridian Speedway is 320-mile (510 km) span of railroad track between Meridian, Mississippi, and Shreveport, Louisiana. It is an important rail link between the Southeast and Southwest U.S.. It is owned by the Meridian Speedway LLC (MSLLC), a joint venture of Kansas City Southern (KCS), the majority partner; and Alabama Great Southern Railroad, a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Railway (NS).[1]

KCS and NS announced their agreement to form a joint venture on December 2, 2005. KCS contributed the rail line, NS $300 million in cash, almost all of which was slated for capital improvements to increase capacity and improve transit times.[2] The U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB) completed its regulatory review on April 10, 2006; KCS and NS closed the deal on May 1. By September 2007, about $135 million had been spent on the improvements. Several new and longer passing sidings were installed along with a new CTC signaling system. The mainline was effectively rebuilt from the ground up with new ballast, crossties and heavier welded rail.

Soon after this first round of improvements, about 45 trains per day traversed the line,[3] but this has since dwindled to fewer than 15 trains per day, mostly run-through Norfolk Southern/Union Pacific intermodal trains.


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