Merrill Chase

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Merrill Chase
1960s portrait of Merrill Chase.jpg
Portrait of Merrill Chase in the 1960s
Born September 17, 1905
new york
Died January 05, 2004
Nationality United States
Fields Immunologist
Known for T cell, B cell

Merrill W. Chase (September 17, 1905 – January 5, 2004) was an immunologist working at the Rockefeller University in New York City who is credited with discovering cell-mediated immunology in the early 1940s. While working with Dr. Karl Landsteiner, Dr. Chase discovered that white blood cells, and not antibodies alone, were important instruments of the immune system. His findings laid the groundwork for later research that discovered the role of B cells, T cells and other types of white blood cells.[1]


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