Merkur (mountain)

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Merkur Baden-Baden IMGP7974.JPG
Merkur and Baden-Baden seen from Fremersberg
Elevation 668 m (2,192 ft)
Location Baden-Baden, Gernsbach,
Coordinates 48°45′42″N 08°16′50″E / 48.76167°N 8.28056°E / 48.76167; 8.28056Coordinates: 48°45′42″N 08°16′50″E / 48.76167°N 8.28056°E / 48.76167; 8.28056

Merkur is a mountain in the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located between Baden-Baden and Gernsbach. A funicular railway, the Merkurbergbahn, climbs the mountain from Baden-Baden. An observation and radio tower stands atop the Merkur.

The mountain was named after Mercury, the Roman god of trade. An ancient Roman votive relief of Mercury was found on the mountain in the 17th century.