Mermaid Records

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Mermaid Records
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment Denmark
Founded 2005 (2005)
Founder Mik Christensen
Nick Foss
Genre Pop, rock
Country of origin  Denmark
Location Copenhagen
Official website

Mermaid Records is a Copenhagen, Denmark based record label, and a sublabel of Sony Music Entertainment Denmark. The company was started as an independent record label by Mik Christensen and Nick Foss in 2005.[1] The label publishes distinguished Danish artists.[2]


In 2004, several key figures from EMI-Medley left the label and started Copenhagen Records to give artists more artistic freedom.[3] Among them were Christensen and Foss, who started Mermaid Records in 2005, but remained with Copenhagen Records until 2008. Since 2008, the label is largely owned by Sony Music Entertainment Denmark[1] to create more space for Danish music.[2] The first album released after Sony became the main shareholder was Tim Christensen's third solo album, Superior.[2]


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