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Merrie Spaeth (b. August 23, 1948) is an American political and public relations consultant, and former film actress.

She is a regular contributor to several periodicals, including D/CEO Magazine,[citation needed] in addition to her contributions to National Public Radio through radio station KERA (FM) in Dallas, Texas. Spaeth also teaches at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the U.S.[citation needed]

A Philadelphia native, Spaeth graduated from Smith College in 1970, and from the Columbia Graduate School of Business in 1980.[1] As a teenager, she appeared in the film The World of Henry Orient.

Spaeth is a theorist and strategist in the field of communications. She writes a popular monthly newsletter, the BIMBO memo.[citation needed] She was the media contact for the 2004 group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who opposed John Kerry's Presidential bid.[2]

Among Spaeth's accomplishments, in 1980, she served as a White House Fellow (by a Commission appointed by President Jimmy Carter) and assigned to Federal Bureau of Investigation Director William Webster. She was the first Fellow and one of the first two women on the director's staff.[citation needed]

From the FBI, she served two years at the Federal Trade Commission as director of public affairs, and in 1983, President Ronald Reagan named her director of media relations at the White House. Spaeth introduced satellite communications to the White House, and the electronic White House News Service.[citation needed]

She has coached some of the nation's most prominent CEOs and most influential and high profile individuals.


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