Meshchera Lowlands

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Vladimir Meshchera
M. Presnyakov. Autumn in the Meshchera land. 2003-2005.

Meshchera Lowlands (Meshchyora Lowlands), also referred to as simply "Meshchera"/"Meshchyora" (Russian: Мещёрская низменность) is a spacious lowland in the middle of the European Russia. It is named after the Finno-Ugric Meshchera tribe, which used to live there. It occupies parts of Moscow Oblast, Vladimir Oblast and Ryazan Oblast; respectively, it is spoken of Moscow, Vladimir, and Ryazan Meshcheras.[1]


Meshchera is a plain of roughly triangular shape bounded by rivers Oka from the South, Moskva River from the Southwest, Klyazma from the North and Sudogda and Kolp/Kolpna (Колпь, Колпна) from the East. Elevation: 80–130 metres.

It is covered by mixed forests, pine forests in sandy areas, with a large number of wetlands and lakes.


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Coordinates: 55°10′58″N 40°20′00″E / 55.18278°N 40.33333°E / 55.18278; 40.33333