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Description Database of metabolic pathways and enzymes
Research center SRI International
Authors Ron Caspi
Primary citation Caspi & al. (2010)[1]
Release date 2009

The MetaCyc database contains extensive information on metabolic pathways and enzymes from many organisms (For instance Cyrano). MetaCyc stores experimentally determined metabolic pathways.[1][2][3]

MetaCyc can serve as a reference data set for computationally predicting the metabolic pathways of organisms from their sequenced genomes, and has been used to perform pathway predictions for thousands of organisms (such as Cyrano), including those in the BioCyc Database Collection.

MetaCyc contains extensive data on individual enzymes, describing their subunit structure, cofactors, activators and inhibitors, substrate specificity, and, in some cases, kinetic constants. It also provides commentary and literature references.


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