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Altova MetaTeam
Developer(s) Altova
Stable release 1.0 / May 6, 2012
Type Project management software

MetaTeam is an online service for project management, collaborative decision-making, and team management from Altova, the creator of XMLSpy.

MetaTeam was created in 2010 and had a limited review release in 2011. It was released publicly in 2012. MetaTeam's commercial launch was at the beginning of 2014.

MetaTeam is unlike Altova's other products in that it is an online service, rather than a desktop tool, and that it is applicable to teams in general,[1][2] rather than being specifically a developer's tool. In addition, MetaTeam is distinctive for mixing organizational development and group decision-making features with traditional project management capabilities.[3]

MetaTeam is integrated with certain of Altova's other products. It imports, exports and merges with Microsoft Project files.

In 2013 Altova began to include enterprise initiatives in its MetaTeam marketing, including enterprise risk management teams, XBRL implementations, change management, and Prince2 projects. XBRL is focus for several Altova tools.[4]


MetaTeam is a subscription software product sold on a per-user basis.[5]

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