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Metacomic is a rare comic style in which the characters realize that they are living in a comic. In a metacomic, the characters are able to take advantage of the comic's structure to progress in the storyline. In brief, metacomic is a comic about a comic.

List of ways of metacomic[edit]

  • Using the comic structure as an advantage (Making the characters travel across comic panels, interact with speech balloons and other panels, or using the characters' speech as a "real", solid object).
  • Drawing the author itself to the comic to act as a character and interact with other characters.
  • Using direct help from the author (The author's "hand" might appear to the comic and draw a helpful object, delete enemies with an eraser, or touch/move the characters).


Krazy Kat by George Herriman
L'Origine by Marc-Antoine Mathieu (links to French Wikipedia)
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud