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Metalogix Software
Privately held company
Industry Computer software
Founded 2001
Founders Julien Sellgren, Geordie Henderson, Rasool Rayani
Headquarters Washington, D.C., USA
Key people
Steven Murphy, CEO; Rick Rolandi, CFO; Trevor Hellebuyck, CTO;
Products Content Matrix, StoragePoint, Replicator, ControlPoint, SharePoint Backup, Diagnostic Manager, Archive Migrator, Archive Manager, Drive2Office365, Selective Restore Manager, Insider Threat Index

Metalogix Software is an independent software vendor, founded in 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia and headquartered in Washington, D.C. Metalogix develops, sells and provides support for content infrastructure software for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Cloud computing platforms. In 2001, Metalogix became the first company to develop a content migration solution for Microsoft.[1]

The company’s primary product is Content Matrix, which moves, upgrades and organizes SharePoint content on-premises or in the cloud.[2] The product is a combination of the company's former Migration Manager and Content Manager products.

In 2010, Metalogix acquired the StoragePoint product from BlueThread Technologies.[3] StoragePoint is a SharePoint storage optimization solution that offloads unstructured SharePoint content data, known as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) from SharePoint’s underlying SQL database to alternate tiers of storage.[4] The company announced an integrated file share consolidation solution with StoragePoint and Content Matrix[5] in July 2012. StoragePoint 4.0 was released in November 2012 with new SharePoint backup and restore features.[6]

In March 2012, Metalogix acquired Syntergy's SharePoint business,[7] including Replicator for SharePoint, which is a web-based solution used to synchronize and manage business intelligence in real-time across multiple SharePoint environments.

In August 2013, Metalogix acquired Axceler's SharePoint business, [8] including ControlPoint for SharePoint, which allows organizations to manage their SharePoint platform and enforce governance strategies that protect content.

In October 2014, Permira announced plans to acquire Metalogix. [9]

The Metalogix Archive Manager product has editions for Exchange and Files.[10] In 2008, Metalogix merged its email archiving business with H&S Software under the Metalogix name.[11] In 2010, Metalogix acquired Sunbelt Exchange Archiver and File Archiver.[12]

Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and was named a managed partner in the Microsoft High Potential ISV Group in October 2011.[13] Metalogix is also an EMC Select partner.[14] The company was named to the Inc. magazine's 2012 "Inc. 500" list of the fastest-growing companies in America.[15]

Metalogix currently has more than 14,000 enterprise customers globally, including organizations in the legal, financial, technology,[16] manufacturing, health care, apparel,[17] public sector, real estate [18] and academic industry verticals. The company’s headquarters are located in Washington, D.C. and has other North American offices in Boston, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dallas, Halifax, Canada and Vancouver, Canada, as well as international offices in Bratislava, Slovakia; London, United Kingdom; Vienna, Austria and Schaffhausen, Switzerland.


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