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The Metaphorum group was set up in 2003 to develop Stafford Beer's legacy in Organizational Cybernetics. Beer developed this discipline to explain the principles complexity management in social organizations or institutions.

It is founded in a theoretical model the Viable System Model. The model demystifies the arcana of management by describing the laws and principles of complexity management; some of its main focus when observing and organization is in self-regulation; it provides criteria to design performance measurement systems and to support participatory improvement of working practices. Improvements are handled hierarchically as required with higher and higher Variety management models applied to resolve operational difficulties. The chair is Professor Alfredo Moscardini[1] and secretary Dr Angela Espinosa.[2]

The Metaphorum Group was born in a Syntegration in 2003 and have every year after developed a Conference on issues related to Organizational Cybernetics' theory and practice. A Syntegration is a method developed by Beer to support democratic involvement of multiple roles and perspectives in dealing with an issue of shared interest to all. The Group has published special issues on Systems and Cybernetics Journals, resulting from Conference papers. The Group holds a website, and an email discussion group, hosted at University College Dublin.


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