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MeteoMedia 2011.svg
MétéoMédia logo
Launched September 1, 1988
Owned by Pelmorex
(Pelmorex Investments Inc.- 70%
The Weather Channel (NBCUniversal, Blackstone Group & Bain Capital) - 30%
Other Canadian investors - 10.36%)[1]
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Country Canada
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec
Website MétéoMédia (French)
Bell TV Channel 130
Shaw Direct Channel 740
Available on many Canadian cable systems Check local listings
FibreOP Channel 632
Bell Fibe TV Channel 105
Optik TV Channel 2050

MétéoMédia is the French-language component of the Canadian Category A weather information specialty channel and web site owned by Pelmorex. MétéoMédia primarily serves viewers in Quebec, although some cable TV systems in Ontario and New Brunswick carry the channel as well. It is available nation-wide via satellite. MétéoMédia went on the air along with the bilingual[2] specialty service's English-language component, The Weather Network, for the first time on September 1, 1988; both MétéoMédia and The Weather Network broadcast separate 24-hour-a-day feeds.

MétéoMedia has a separate feed for the Montreal area.


Both MétéoMedia and the Weather Network are owned by Pelmorex (in turn half-owned by the U.S. Weather Channel). The two originally shared an analogue transponder on one of the Anik satellites, with computer-generated local forecasts airing on one while the video feed of a live forecaster or TV commercials aired on the other.

On January 3, 2008, it was reported that Landmark Communications, part-owner of MétéoMédia, may be for sale.[3] In July 2008, the Weather Channel was sold to NBC Universal and Bain Capital; the sale includes Landmark's stakes in MétéoMedia and the Weather Network.[4]

Original logo used until 2011


MétéoMedia follows a schedule which repeats itself each hour, based on the current season. The spring/summer programming schedule often starts on the first Monday of April. It switches to the winter schedule on the first Monday of December.

Current on-air hosts[edit]

Accurate as of October 1, 2012.


(All Times Eastern)
Hosts CMOS
On MétéoMédia since
5:30 - 9:00 am
MétéoMédia Ce Matin
Anaïs Guertin-Lacroix No 2011–Present
Vicky Latour No 2010–Present
Marco Parent (Reports) No 2011–Present
Lynda Piché (Traffic) No 2008–Present
9:00 am – 1:30 pm
C'est dans l'air
Patrick de Bellefeuille Yes 1988–Present
1:30 - 6:00 pm
En tout temps
Christian Hamel No 1992–Present
6:00 pm – 1:00 am
MétéoMédia Ce Soir
Nadine Alcindor Yes 1999–Present
Réjean Ouimet Yes 1988–Present
1:00 am – 5:30 am
MétéoMédia Ce Soir (repeat)
Nadine Alcindor Yes 1999–Present
Réjean Ouimet Yes 1988–Present


(All Times Eastern)
Hosts CMOS
On MétéoMédia since
7:00 am – 12:00 pm Yann Barrière No 2010–Present
12:00 - 5:30 pm Gisèle Quiniou Yes 1989–Present
5:30 pm – 7:00 am Anaïs Guertin-Lacroix No 2011–Present

Other on-air hosts[edit]

Hosts CMOS
On MétéoMédia since
On Call Marie-Ève Campeau No 2007–Present
On Call Mélanie Gagné No 2012–Present
On Call Joanie Gonthier No 2011–Present
Reports Marc Larouche No 2008–Present
On Call (Traffic) Pierre Olivier No 2004–Present

Former on-air hosts[edit]

(In alphabetical order)

Personality Former Role(s) on MétéoMédia Current Whereabouts
Chantal Beaudin (-2003) Entretemps, Visa Week-end and À la carte ce soir Weather broadcaster
Main Collaborators: Réjean Ouimet, Louis de Belleval, Suzanne Gariépy, Gisèle Quiniou
Weather broadcaster for Radio-Canada and its sister station RDI in Montreal
Nathalie Boudreau (2009-2010) MétéoMédia ce soir
Main Collaborator: Réjean Ouimet
Line Bourdeau (2007-2009) Weather broadcaster & Reports
Main Collaborator: Martin Bélanger
Élisabeth Caron (2006–2008) Keywall Presenter
Main Collaborators: Réjean Ouimet, Karine Pietrantonio
Host at RockDétente Bois-Franc
Evelyne Charuest (2009-2010) On Call Working for Radio-Canada in British-Colombia (check her LinkedIn page: [1])
Sophie Chiasson (1999–2003) Keywall Presenter Opération Enfant Soleil Ambassador
Sherrie Claridge Weather Broadcaster Unknown
Nathalie Chung (before 1991) Weather Broadcaster News anchor for Radio-Canada and its sister station RDI in Montreal.
Josianne Cuierrier (-2006) Keywall Presenter Weather broadcaster for Radio-Canada and its sister station RDI in Montreal
Caroline Côté (2009-2010) On Call Unknown
Louis de Belleval (1988–2005) Weather news presenter and À la carte Outdoor Weather Broadcaster
Main Collaborators: Réjean Ouimet, Chantal Beaudin, Christian Hamel,Éliane Larouche, Brigitte Vauclair
Now at Radio-Canada in Montreal, QC.
Jean-François Desbiens (2006–2007) Weather broadcaster Reporter at TVA Nouvelles and LCN (to be verified)
Nathalie Desgroseilliers (-2005) Agenda Week-end Outdoor Weather broadcaster
Main Collaborators: Suzanne Gariépy, Gisèle Quiniou
Teacher in an elementary school
Jules Desjarlais (-2005) Keywall Presenter Reporter for sports / weather for "Le téléjournal/Colombie-Britannique" at Radio-Canada (to be verified)
Pascale Dudemaine (2010-2011) On Call Unknown
Dominique Dufour Unknown Unknown
Julie Émond (2007-2011) Ici et ailleurs Unknown
Suzanne Gariépy (-2006) Agenda Week-end Weather broadcaster and Entretemps Outdoor Weather Presenter
Main Collaborators: Gisèle Quiniou, Nathalie Desgroseilliers, Chantal Beaudin, Réjean Ouimet
Affiliated Real Estate Agent with Groupe Sutton - Actuel inc. in Longueuil, QC and weather broadcaster for Radio-Canada and its sister station RDI in Montreal
Réjean Gaudreau Voice overs Université du Québec à Montréal Media Professor
Nadia Gendron (-2007) Weather broadcaster and Keywall Presenter Affiliated Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Quebec - De L'Avenir Inc in Saint-Jérôme, QC
Sophie Giardina (1999) Keywall presenter Unknown
Marie-Audrey Houle (2010-2011) MétéoMédia weekend TVA and LCN
Alain Jean-Mary (2006–2007) Keywall Presenter Radio host on 105.7 Rythme FM in Montreal(Laval), QC and RDI (on call)
Pierre Lacasse Météo Matin Traffic Specialist
Main Collaborators: Patrick de Bellefeuille, Michelle Therrien, Brigitte Vauclair
Morning Show Traffic Specialist on Radio-Circulation 730 AM (formally CKAC 730 AM) in Montreal
Chantal Lacroix (1995–1997) Unknown Television and radio host
Isabelle Lalonde (-2005) Météo Matin week-end Weather broadcaster and Keywall Presenter
Main Collaborators: Michelle Therrien, Pierre Lamontagne
Pierre Lamontagne (1989-2005) Facteur Temps Keywall Presenter and MétéoMatin Outdoor Weather presenter
Main Collaborators: Chantal Lepage, Patrick de Bellefeuille, Michelle Therrien, Isabelle Lalonde, Chantal Beaudin
Director of Programs of 100,1 Rythme FM Mauricie & 106,9 Mauricie
Éliane Larouche (1996-2011) On-call presenter Has her own company called "Communications Éliane Larouche" since September 2011

(Written on her LinkedIn page)

Éric Latour (-2005) Evening Traffic Specialist
Main Collaborators: Chantal Beaudin, Réjean Ouimet
Was at Canal Vox in Montreal. He is now director at Bell Media according to his LinkedIn page.
Jessica Laventure (2009-2012) Morning Show Weather Presenter
Main Collaborators: Vicky Latour, Lynda Piché
Radio Host, BOOM FM 104.1 and 106.5 at Astral Media Inc. since August 2012 (Written on her LinkedIn page)
Pierre-Michel LeBreton (2006–2008) Morning Traffic Specialist
Main Collaborators: Patrick De Bellefeuille, Suzie Poisson
Cynthia Lemieux (2007-2011) Main Collaborators: Réjean Ouimet She is teaching
Chantal Lepage (-2006) Facteur Temps Weather broadcaster
Main Collaborators: Pierre Lamontagne
Frédéric Loiselle Weather news presenter
Main Collaborators: Brigitte Vauclair, Patrick de Bellefeuille, Pierre Lacasse
Lyse Marois Unknown Unknown
Valérie Mathieu (2006) Keywall Presenter Unknown
Eve-Audrey Mayrand (2007-2009) Keywall Presenter TVA
Angie Medrano (2011) On Call Unknown
Béatrice Noël (2003–2004) Keywall Presenter Unknown
Josée-Elise Paquet Weather broadcaster for MétéoMédia on CKMF-CKAC-CIEL-RYTHME FM-RADIOMEDIA-CKYQ FM Freelance Weather broadcaster at Radio-Canada - radio; Mortgage brooker for Multi-Prets Hypotheque
Christian Peeters Unknown Unknown
Karine Pietrantonio (2006–2010) Outdoor Weather Presenter
Main Collaborators: Patrick de Bellefeuille, Lynda Piché
Chantal Plouffe (2009-2010) MétéoMédia le matin
Main Collaborators: Christian Hamel, Lynda Piché
Weather broadcaster for Radio-Canada / Téléjournal Ottawa-Gatineau since September 2010
Suzie Poisson (2006-2012) Reports and On Call Radio-Canada Téléjournal Est du Québec (Bas Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord)
Benoît Reid Unknown Unknown
Brigitte Roussy Weather News Presenter
Main Collaborators: Réjean Ouimet, Chantal Beaudin, Gisèle Quiniou
Public Relations, CAA-Québec
Michelle Therrien (1992–2005) Météo Matin week-end, La Totale and Météo Matin Keywall Presenter
Main Collaborators: Isabelle Lalonde, Éliane Larouche, Patrick de Bellefeuille, Pierre Lamontagne
V-P Marketing at H. Grégoire
Brigitte Vauclair (-2005) Météo Matin and La Totale Host and Weather Broadcaster Main Collaborators: Patrick de Bellefeuille, Christian Hamel, Frédéric Loiselle, Pierre Lacasse, Éliane Larouche Unknown
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