Methodist Church of Australasia

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The Methodist Church of Australasia was a Methodist denomination based in Australia. On 1 January 1902, four Methodist bodies - the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Primitive Methodists, the Bible Christians and the United Methodist Free Churches came together to found a new church.. In polity it largely followed the Wesleyan Methodist Church. This Church established a General Conference, meeting triennially, for Australasia (which then included New Zealand) in 1875, with Annual Conferences in the States.

The church ceased to exist in 1977 when most of its congregations joined with the many congregations of the Congregational Union of Australia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia to form the Uniting Church in Australia.

There are still independent Methodist congregations in Australia, including congregations formed or impacted by Tongan immigrants. Some congregations who did not join the Uniting Church in Australia joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia.