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Commercial? No
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Available in English
Owner MnSCU
Alexa rank 257,103
Current status Online

Metnet (Metropolitan Educational Telecommunications Network) is a distance learning network for the MnSCU college and universities system. Metnet is one of the six major educational telecommunications networks of the Learning Network of Minnesota.



Metnet currently provides three email services: Gophermail, METNET WebMail 3.0, and METNET WebMail 2.0. Webmail 3.0 and Webmail 2.0 are being discontinued on January 3, 2011.[1]

All email addresses, or "Internet IDs" are assigned by Metnet based on the first four letters of the user's last name, e.g. "" [2]

Participating Colleges[edit]


The logo of Metnet is the seven-county metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul.