Metrebus Card

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Metrebus Card
Location Rome, Italy
Launched 1999
Manager ERG Motorola Alliance[1]
Currency Euro ( year pass maximum load )
Validity Trains
Retailed Online
  Ticket offices

The Metrebus Card is a Contactless smartcard ticketing system for Rome. It has stored value on a paper ticket for either 1, 3 or 7 days. All three versions of the tickets look the same on the front, but on the back of the ticket the magnetic data printed on the ticket varies depending on which version of the ticket you choose.[2]

There is also a single ticket, which sells for only 1.50 euro, allowing you to travel on any bus and one trip on the metro or urban trains. This version of the ticket has a 100 minute expiry period.[3]

In 2011, a new VISA style smart card was implemented, with a much sturdier design and longer lifespan.[4]


After the contract was awarded to the ERG Motorola Alliance in 1999,[1] the card system was rolled out across Rome, with the full system operational in 2001.[1]

In 2009 in Anagnina, car parking with Metrebus was introduced, which involved swiping the card at entry and exit to the car park, with validators stationed there. This has allowed improved traffic fluidity. There have been plans to extend this trial, with Montebello also set to receive this feature, which would again help the car park when all 354 spaces are occupied.[5]

In April 2013, ATM top up for the Red Metrebus Card was implemented. Just by visiting any UniCredit ATM and entering in your card number, you can now instantly top up your Red Metrebus Card (the newer VISA style).[6]


To purchase a Red Metrebus Card, just head to an ATAC ticket office at the following stations; Anagnina, Battistini, Cornelia, Lepanto, Ottaviano S.Pietro, Laurentina, Eur Fermi, Ponte Mammolo, Termini, Conca d’Oro and submit a completed application form to receive your free photo card.[6]


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