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For rapid transit systems in general, see Metro line.
     Metro Line
Metro Line approaching Downtown Edmonton
Type Light rail
Locale Edmonton
Termini NAIT (End of 2014)
Health Sciences/Jubilee (End of 2014)
Stations 10 (End of 2014)
Opening End of 2014 (planned)
Operator(s) Edmonton Transit System
Depot(s) D.L. MacDonald Yard
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map
Metro Line
possible extension to St. Albert
Campbell Road
maintenance facility
137 Street
127 Street
Castle Downs
145 Avenue
132 Avenue
CN Railway yard
Hwy 16 Yellowhead Trail
under construction (opening 2014)
Kingsway/Royal Alex
Capital Line
to Clareview
Bay/Enterprise Square
Grandin/Government Centre
Dudley B. Menzies Bridge over
North Saskatchewan River
Health Sciences/Jubilee
Capital Line
to Century Park

The Edmonton LRT Metro Line is a light rail transit line scheduled to begin operation by the end of 2014[1] from northwest Edmonton to central Edmonton. The line will use 3.3 kilometres (2.1 mi) of new track,[2] three new stations, and seven stations on the existing Capital Line. The cost of the project is $665 million, jointly funded by the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta, and the Government of Canada.[2][3] It is the first new line that is not an extension of the existing line. The line is expected to add 13,200 riders per weekday.[4] A trip from NAIT Station to Churchill is expected to take nine minutes.[5] A number of roadworks are under construction or completed to revitalize the surrounding community.


In spring 2007, the funding for a concept plan and preliminary engineering was commissioned and the City approved the plan the next year.[6] In 2008, during construction of the Epcor Tower, the City ordered that the tunnel section below the tower be dug before the tower was completed, this saved $140 million from digging after the tower was built.[7][8] The remainder of the tunnel, under Downtown Edmonton, was bored, and completed in November 2012.[9] In 2009 the City approved the relocation of funds from the Gorman extension to the Metro Line, as the City felt northwest was a higher priority.[10][11] In 2010 the City began preparation work, including utility relocation.[6] The permanent closure of 105 Avenue between 102 Street and 105 Street was performed so MacEwan Station could be built. 105 Street was permanently closed to vehicular traffic between 107 Avenue and 108 Avenue to allow the line to continue along the existing road corridor, which alleviated the need to widen the corridor and remove some existing trees. 104 Street was closed between 108 Avenue and Kingsway in a similar fashion.[5] Testing began in July 2013,[5] and the line is scheduled to begin operation in late 2014.[1][12][13]


Approved LRT lines and stations

Edmonton extension[edit]

An extension from the permanent NAIT station is in the planning phases by the City of Edmonton.[14] The recommendation, released in May 2010,[15] extends the Metro Line through the neighbourhood created by the dismantling of the City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport, over Yellowhead Trail and the CN Railway yard, along 113A Street and 153 Avenue to the City of St. Albert limits.[2] The extension would have eight stations, including stops in Blatchford (the neighbourhood created by the airport redevelopment), Rosslyn, Griesbach, Castle Downs, The Palisades, and at Campbell Road.[14]

St. Albert extension[edit]

The City of St. Albert began studying extending Edmonton's LRT in early 2013, identifying four possible locations for stations.[16] The City is looking at funding from all levels of government, 66% from Alberta GreenTRIP Fund and 8% from the City of St. Albert.[16] On November 12, 2013, St. Albert council decided to continue studying LRT alignment options, but not to put any money into purchasing land or rail cars.[17]


Station Grade-Level Transfer Area Opened Location
Temporary NAIT Station Surface Northwest 2014 53°33′58″N 113°30′21″W / 53.56611°N 113.50583°W / 53.56611; -113.50583 (Temporary NAIT)
Kingsway/Royal Alex Surface Northwest 2014 53°33′28″N 113°30′4″W / 53.55778°N 113.50111°W / 53.55778; -113.50111 (Kingsway/Royal Alex)
MacEwan Surface Northwest 2014 53°32′52″N 113°29′57″W / 53.54778°N 113.49917°W / 53.54778; -113.49917 (MacEwan)
Churchill Underground Capital Line
Valley Line (future)
Downtown April 22, 1978 53°32′39″N 113°29′21″W / 53.54417°N 113.48917°W / 53.54417; -113.48917 (Churchill)
Central Underground Capital Line Downtown April 22, 1978 53°32′28″N 113°29′31″W / 53.54111°N 113.49194°W / 53.54111; -113.49194 (Central)
Bay/Enterprise Square Underground Capital Line Downtown June 21, 1983 53°32′27″N 113°29′54″W / 53.54083°N 113.49833°W / 53.54083; -113.49833 (Bay/Enterprise Square)
Corona Underground Capital Line Downtown June 21, 1983 53°32′27″N 113°30′21″W / 53.54083°N 113.50583°W / 53.54083; -113.50583 (Corona)
Grandin/Government Centre Underground Capital Line Downtown September 1989 53°32′10″N 113°30′37″W / 53.53611°N 113.51028°W / 53.53611; -113.51028 (Grandin)
University Underground Capital Line South August 23, 1992 53°31′30″N 113°31′19″W / 53.52500°N 113.52194°W / 53.52500; -113.52194 (University)
Health Sciences/Jubilee Surface Capital Line South January 3, 2006 53°31′13″N 113°31′33″W / 53.52028°N 113.52583°W / 53.52028; -113.52583 (Health Sciences/Jubilee)

Future stations[edit]

The City of Edmonton approved the concept plan for a northwest LRT line, and nine stations, May 1, 2013.[18][19][20]

Station Area Location
Campbell Road Northwest 53°36′56″N 113°35′38″W / 53.61556°N 113.59389°W / 53.61556; -113.59389 (Campbell Road)
137 Street Northwest 53°36′52″N 113°33′30″W / 53.61444°N 113.55833°W / 53.61444; -113.55833 (137 Street)
127 Street Northwest 53°37′1″N 113°32′23″W / 53.61694°N 113.53972°W / 53.61694; -113.53972 (127 Street)
Castle Downs Northwest 53°36′52″N 113°31′8″W / 53.61444°N 113.51889°W / 53.61444; -113.51889 (Castle Downs)
145 Avenue Northwest 53°36′28″N 113°31′0″W / 53.60778°N 113.51667°W / 53.60778; -113.51667 (145 Avenue)
Griesbach Northwest 53°36′2″N 113°30′59″W / 53.60056°N 113.51639°W / 53.60056; -113.51639 (Griesbach)
132 Avenue Northwest 53°35′28″N 113°31′0″W / 53.59111°N 113.51667°W / 53.59111; -113.51667 (132 Avenue)
Blatchford Northwest 53°34′33″N 113°30′37″W / 53.57583°N 113.51028°W / 53.57583; -113.51028 (Blatchford)
NAIT Northwest 53°34′0″N 113°30′33″W / 53.56667°N 113.50917°W / 53.56667; -113.50917 (NAIT)

Proposed stations[edit]

The City of St. Albert identified four possible locations for stations in early 2013.[16]


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