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Buenos Aires Metrobus
Metrobus logo.svg
Metrobus pacifico.jpg
Locale Buenos Aires
Transit type Bus Rapid Transit
Number of lines 3
Number of stations 21
Website Official website Buenos Aires Metrobus
Began operation 31 May 2011
Operator(s) Empresa Línea 216 S.A.T and Juan B. Justo S.A.T.C.I.
System length 12 km (7.5 mi)

Buenos Aires Metrobus is network of dedicated separated lanes and stations for normal buses that serves the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designed as a Bus Rapid Transit; it mixes a few bi-articulated buses with normal one-body buses; headway is the same as it was before the implementation of the system, and it lacks the brand of the network in the buses that utilize it, being maintained their previous denomination as common bus lines with their respective numbers.

The first segment of the network opened to the public in May 2011, and runs through the entire extension of Juan B. Justo Avenue linking the districts of Liniers and Palermo.[1][2] This segment consists in 21 stations and has an extension of 12 km. The second segment of the network opened, in July 24th, 2013, spans the length of the 9 de Julio Avenue, consisting in 17 stations with an extension of 3 km.

The third segment of the network opened in August 14th, 2013, consisting in 36 stops with an extension of 23 km. This segment runs through important arteries of the southern area of the city, bringing travelers back and forth from the southern train terminal (Constitución) to the outskirts of town (General Paz Avenue). In parts of this segment of the network, corresponding to Rabanal Ave., the bus lines merge with the general traffic and go back to the dedicated lane afterwards.

On October 9th, 2013, the Government of the City announced plans for the extension of the network, which will have a total extension of 56 kilometers.

Stops for Juan B. Justo segment[edit]