Metropolitan Brewing

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Metropolitan Brewing
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded December 2008
Founders Doug Hurst and Tracy Hurst
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Number of locations
Ravenswood, Chicago, IL
Area served
Chicago, IL
Products Beer
Owners Doug Hurst and Tracy Hurst
Number of employees

Metropolitan Brewing is a brewery located in Chicago, Illinois that was founded in 2008 by (former) husband and wife team Doug Hurst and Tracy Hurst.[1] The brewery is located in a converted warehouse in a historically industrial area of the Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago.[2] Metropolitan focuses on brewing lagers in the traditional German style.[3] They are the sole craft brewery in Chicago that produces only lagers.[4] Mr. Hurst has earned a brewing diploma at the Siebel Institute of Technology & World Brewing Academy. [5]


Metropolitan Brewing's Current Beers
Name Style ABV % IBU Original gravity Offering Notes
Dynamo Vienna Lager 5.8 29 13.8º Plato Year-Round Uses Vienna malt and Vanguard and Liberty hops
Flywheel Munich Pils 5.2 45 13º Plato Year-Round
Krankshaft Kölsch 5.0 28 12º Plato Year-Round Recipe includes wheat and Santiam hops
Iron Works Alt 5.8 45 13º Plato Year-Round An update to the I-Beam recipe. Uses Mt. Hood and Vanguard hops.
Generator Doppelbock 8.2 25 18º Plato Seasonal Winter
Arc Welder Dunkel Rye 6.0 28 13.7º Plato Seasonal Spring
Afterburner Märzen/Oktoberfest 6.1 25 14.2º Plato Seasonal Fall
Metropolitan Brewing's Archived Beers
Name Style ABV % IBU Original gravity Notes
I-Beam Alt 5.3 50 12.6º Plato

The names of Metropolitan Brewing's beers reflect the industrial history of Chicago.

Metropolitan's beers are distributed by Windy City Distribution.


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