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This is a list of metropolitan areas in the The Californias. Official definitions of metropolitan area based on the concept of a single urban core and its immediate surroundings are used where available. For cities in countries that do not have official metropolitan area definitions, the urban agglomeration concept is used instead. This list utilizes the most expansive concept of the metropolitan area and lists the population for the combined statistical area. For a complete list of metropolitan areas in California, see California census statistical areas.

Largest metro areas in the Californias
Rank Metropolitan area Population Year
1 Greater Los Angeles 17,877,006[1] 2010
2 San Francisco Bay Area 7,468,390[1] 2010
3 San Diego–Tijuana 5,105,768[2] 2010
4 Greater Sacramento 2,461,780[1] 2010
5 Metropolitan Fresno 1,081,315[1] 2010
6 Calexico–Mexicali 975,344[3] 2009

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