Mets Pre-Game Live

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Mets Pre-Game Live
Starring Gary Apple and Nelson Figueroa
Country of origin United States
Original channel SportsNet New York

Mets Pre-Game Live is a pre-game show on SNY, which recaps and previews upcoming New York Mets games and series. It is hosted by Gary Apple and Nelson Figueroa. It airs at 6:30 p.m., right before each Mets game, unless there is a game on WPIX. Beginning in 2013, the show will air at 6pm and will be extended to a full hour. The show is sponsored by Pepsi Max, and is referred to as "Pepsi Max Pre-Game Live". Its post-game show is Mets Post-Game Live.




Leading off[edit]

The show starts off with this segment, featuring news from the Mets clubhouse. It is hosted by Carlin, Ojeda, or Darling.

The Inside Word[edit]

The segment is hosted by Kevin Burkhardt who gives the latest news surrounding the clubhouse in the dugout or on and off the field. It is presented by New Era.

Tonight's Starters[edit]

These segments feature the upcoming pitchers for the game, looking at their stats and last starts. It is seen again at the end of the show, just before the game starts. It is presented by Empire City Casino, New York Community Bank, and Degree.

Another segment, the Series Probables, shows upcoming pitchers for both teams, and each team's bullpen. It is sponsored by Pepsi Max.

Injury Report[edit]

This segment gives the latest news about players on the disabled list. It is presented by New York Hospital Queens.

Who's Hot[edit]

This segment shows which batter for one of the teams has been performing well recently. It is presented by Cholula Hot Sauce.


The segment shows the upcoming batters in the teams' lineups and the stats for each batter. It is presented by Suzuki and Parts Authority.


This segment show the Mets recent offense in the last 5 or 10 games and its numbers. It is presented by Pepsi Max.

UV Index[edit]

This shows the time when the first pitch is expected to be thrown, and the number rating of UV Rays. It is presented by Alba Botanica.

The O-Zone/Zeroing In[edit]

The O-Zone, or Zeroing In, is a segment in which Ojeda looks at the pitching performances from the previous game or the upcoming starter's previous starts, and predicts how he will pitch in the game. He discusses what the pitcher needs to do to continue his good streak, what pitches should be thrown to get runners and batters out, and how he could recover from a bad start. It is presented by Pepsi Max Zero Calories.

Keep Your Edge Spotlight[edit]

This segment shows which player has recently provided his team with runs and winning games. It is presented by Just For Men Mustache And Beard.

Defensive Diamond[edit]

This segment shows the Mets defense for the upcoming game, and looks at the stats on how well or poorly the defense has performed. It is presented by Topps Diamond Anniversary, or by Pepsi Max.


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