Mexican Apostolic National Church

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The Mexican Apostolic National Church was a Western Rite Orthodox Church in Mexico founded as part of Plutarco Calles' plans to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico,[clarification needed] largely on the vision of the relationship between the Soviet Union and the Russian Orthodox Church.[1]

The Church was headed by Joaquin Perez, a former Catholic priest, who took the title of Patriarch Joaquin I. . In 1925 The Knights of Guadalupe, the military arm of the Church, attempted to seize a Catholic church in Mexico City, but they were defeated by the Knights of Columbus.[2][3]

Joaquin I later did manage to set up a network of parishes including one in Los Angeles, California. The group was called the "cismaticos", the Spanish term from schismatics. After Joaquin's death the individual parishes continued to exist essentially independently, however in 1970 a large number of them joined the Orthodox Church in America as the Diocese of Mexico.