Mexican Border Service Medal

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Mexican Border Service Medal
Awarded by United States military
Type campaign medal
Awarded for service at the Mexico – United States border
Established 9 July 1918
First awarded 1 January 1916
Last awarded 6 April 1917
Mexican Border Service Medal ribbon.svg

The Mexican Border Service Medal was a decoration of the United States military which was established by an act of the United States Congress on July 9, 1918. The decoration recognizes those military service members who performed military service on the U.S.-Mexico border between the dates of January 1, 1916 and April 6, 1917, a period of time where the US-Mexico border was perceived to be threatened by a suggested German-funded invasion (discovered by the interception of the Zimmermann Telegram).

To be awarded the Mexican Border Service Medal, a service member must have served with the United States Army, along the Mexican border, or must have been assigned as a Regular or National Guard member to the Mexican Border Patrol. Those who had received the Mexican Service Medal were not eligible for the Mexican Border Service Medal.

The Mexican Border Service Medal held dual status as both a Federal award and a decoration of the United States National Guard. The first recipient was Major General Charles M. Clement, in recognition of his status as the longest-tenured National Guard officer eligible for the award at the time it was authorized.[1]

The Texas National Guard created a similar decoration, known as the Texas Cavalry Service Medal, and permitted Texas Guardsman to receive both the Border Service and the Cavalry Service Medal for the same period of duty.


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