Mexican Liberal Party

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For the short-lived successor party, see Mexican Liberal Party (2002–2003).
Mexican Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Mexicano
President Ricardo Flores Magón
Vicepresident Juan Sarabia (1905-1911)
Founded September 28, 1905 (1905-09-28)[1]
Dissolved 1918 (1918)
Newspaper Regeneración
Armed wing Liberal Army
Ideology Magonism, Anarchist communism
Party flag
Flag of Partido Liberal Mexicano.svg Land and Freedom
The Junta Organizadora (1910)

The Mexican Liberal Party (PLM; Spanish: Partido Liberal Mexicano) was an anarchist group co-founded by Ricardo Flores Magón in 1905, in opposition to the rule of Porfirio Díaz. The MLP was involved in strikes and uprisings in Mexico from 1906 to 1911.


The party controlled the northern part of Baja California in 1911, including Tijuana, Mexicali, and Tecate. In August 1911 part of the MLP militants, including Juan Sarabia, Jesús Flores Magón and Antonio Díaz Soto y Gama split from the organization and transformed into the "Liberal Party" (Spanish: Partido Liberal).[2]

The MLP was supported from exile in Texas by the feminist writer Andrea Villarreal.

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