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Serbian-Mexican relations
Map indicating locations of Mexico and Serbia



Mexico and Serbia have maintained formal diplomatic relations that had first been established by Mexico and SFR Yugoslavia on May 24, 1946. Mexico has an embassy in Belgrade.[1] Serbia has an embassy in Mexico City.[2] Relations between the two countries are solid.[3] Treaties between Mexico and Yugoslavia are now being carried forward to treaties between Mexico and Serbia.[3]

State visits[edit]

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić visited Mexico on 15/16 April 2008, where he gained assurance that Mexico was against recognition of the unilateral independence of Kosovo.[4]


Agreements between Mexico and the Federative Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia are being carried forward into agreements between Mexico and Serbia. On May 5, 2002, Mexico and Yugoslavia signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Foreign Affairs departments.[3] Other agreements include a trade agreement (1950),[5][6] an agreement on cultural exchange (1965)[7][8] and an agreement on information exchange (1975) covering the press, radio, TV, books, papers and other media.[9][10]


Serbian exports to Mexico in 2007 were worth 1.2 million euros and imports 10.59 million euros.[11]

Famous Serbs in Mexico[edit]

As manager, Bora Milutinović led the Mexico national football team to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Knock-out stage.

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