Mexico City Metro Line 2

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     Line 2 / Línea 2
MetroDF Linea 2.svg
Metro Interior.jpg
Inside a wagon on Line 2
Type Rapid transit
System Mexico City Metro
Locale Mexico City
Termini Metro Cuatro Caminos
Metro Tasqueña
Stations 24
Ridership 287 million per annum (2011)[1]
Opening August 1, 1970
Operator(s) Sistema de Transporte Colectivo (STC)
Rolling stock 45 NM-02 trains made by Bombardier México in 2004
Line length 20.713 km (13 mi)
Track length 23.431 km (15 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification Third rail
Operating speed 36 km/h (22 mph)
Route map
Mexico City Metro line 2.svg

Mexico City Metro Line 2 is one of the 12 lines of the Mexico City Metro.[2]

Line 2 is the second of the network, it is identified by the color blue, and runs from West to East and then North to South, turning at the city center. It starts at the border of the city with the Estado de México and ends South of the city.

It commutes with Line 7 at Tacuba, Line 3 at Hidalgo, Line 8 at Bellas Artes, Line 1 at Pino Suárez, Lines 8 and 9 at Chabacano and Line 12 at Ermita. It is linked with the Mexico City Light Rail to Xochimilco at the Tasqueña terminal. It used to be served by NC-82 and some NM-83 trains.

This line was temporarily served by an NM-02 train printed with landscapes and images of Mexico City.

This line has seen the worst accident in Mexico City history when on October 20, 1975 when there was a crash between two trains at Metro Viaducto. One train was parked at the station picking up passengers when it was hit by another train that did not stop in time. 20 people were killed and several wounded. After this accident, automatic traffic lights were installed in all lines.

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