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Mexico City Metro Line 3 is one of the 16 metro lines built in Mexico City, Mexico.[1][2]

Line 3 is the longest line, its color is olive green and it runs from north to south of the city covering almost all of it.

It is built under Avenida de los Insurgentes, Guerrero, Zarco, Balderas, Cuauhtémoc, Universidad, Copilco and Delfín Madrigal avenues. It interchanges with Line 6 at Deportivo 18 de Marzo, Line 5 at La Raza, Line B at Guerrero, Line 2 at Hidalgo, Line 1 at Balderas, Line 9 at Centro Médico. and Line 12 at Zapata.[3][4]



Geographically accurate path of Mexico City metro line 3

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