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Mey-Air Transoport
Founded 1970
Ceased operations 1973
Hubs Oslo Airport, Fornebu
Fleet size 4
Headquarters Oslo Airport, Fornebu
Key people Hans Otto Meyer

Mey-Air Transoport A/S was a Norwegian airline headquartered in Oslo. It was founded in 1970 by Hans Otto Meyer. They strted with a mixed fleet of Beechcraft 99, Beechcraft King Air-100 and a Convair CV 240. As the marked in Scandinavia for Inclusive tours (IT Charter) increased in the early 1970´s Mey-Air ordered two new Boeing 737. The airplanes was delivered in September and October 1971. May-Air filed for bankruptcy in 1973.


The following airplanes were operated by Mey-Air:[1][2]

airplane type registration c/n operating years
Beechcraft King Air 65-100 LN-VIP B-42 1970–1973
Beechcraft 99 Airliner LN-LML U-129 1970–1972
Beechcraft 99 Airliner LN-LMT U-130 1970–1972
Boeing 737-200 LN-MTC 20454 1971 - 1973 Sold to Piedmont Airlines
Boeing 737-200 LN-MTD 20453 1971 - 1973 Sold to Piedmont Airlines
Cessna 402 LN-VIC 402-0170 1967–1970
Convair CV 240 LN-KAP 153 1969–1973
Douglas DC-3 LN-RTW 4346 1969–1971
NAMC YS-11 LN-MTA 2104 1970–1971


  • There are scenes with an airplane of Mey-Air in the 1975 movie Ransom.

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