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Coca Cola Mezzo Mix and Mezzo Mix Zero

Mezzo Mix is a product of The Coca-Cola Company, first introduced in Germany in 1973.


Mezzo Mix sold and produced only officially in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. Its slogan, translated into English, is "Cola Kisses Orange". It is basically standard Coca-Cola with a light orange flavor, much like a Spezi, which is usually Coke mixed with orange Fanta. Mezzo Mix is also available at Wegmans grocery stores in the USA in their International section; the Mezzo Mix carried there is imported from Germany.

Mezzo Mix was previously one of eight international soda flavors featured and available for tasting at Club Cool in Epcot.


There were two kinds of Mezzo Mix in the 1990s: orange and lemon. The latter was unpopular and was discontinued, but a lemon flavored Coke entered the market again in 2003. In July 2007, Mezzo Mix Zero was introduced in Germany as a low-calorie variant.


Mezzo Mix contains water, sugar, orange juice, carbonation, color: caramel coloring, citric acid, flavoring, caffeine, ascorbic acid, stabilizer.

Similar Products[edit]

Coca-Cola Orange, a product similar to Mezzo Mix, is sold in many countries in bottled, canned, fountain and Coca-Cola Freestyle, variants.

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