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Miami Ad School
Hamburg Media School062.jpg
Miami Ad School's facility in Hamburg, Germany
Established 1993
Type Private, For-Profit
President Pippa Seichrist
Location Miami, Florida, USA
25°46′49″N 80°08′26″W / 25.7804°N 80.1405°W / 25.7804; -80.1405Coordinates: 25°46′49″N 80°08′26″W / 25.7804°N 80.1405°W / 25.7804; -80.1405
Website Website of Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School is an accredited educational institution offering degrees in Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Photography. The school is headquartered in South Beach (Miami Beach, Florida)[1] and has programs in several other U.S. cities, and in other countries.

Foundation and programs[edit]

Miami Ad School was founded in 1993 by Ron Seichrist, a former creative director,[2] and his wife, Pippa.[3] Miami Ad School is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, having initially been a candidate for accreditation in 1994, and received accreditation in 1995.[4]

According to industry journal Adweek:

"The facility operates in many ways like a traditional agency, in that students direct spots, write advertising copy, and learn to manage budgets."[5]

Among its programs, the school offers a three-month "Boot Camp for Account Planners."[6] Miami Ad School also has a partnership with Leo Burnett Worldwide, where Burnett creatives teach some courses to Miami Ad School students, and each quarter Burnett takes four top Miami Ad School students as interns.[7]

Notable campaigns[edit]

In 2011, students in Miami Ad School Europe developed a marketing campaign for a Russian vodka brand involving a virtual "Russian roulette," where four participants would provide their Facebook login details, with the "loser" having his Facebook account permanently deleted, and the "winners" being entered in a sweepstakes to win a trip to Russia.[8]

In 2013, Miami Ad School students in the school's San Francisco campus created an ad campaign for The Trevor Project, highlighting the danger of the bullying of LGBT youth leading to suicide.[9][10]


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