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Miami English is a dialect of American English spoken in and around the city of Miami, Florida. Although it is geographically located in the south, Miami English is noticeably distinct from other varieties of Southern American English spoken in Florida, including the neighbouring counties of Broward and Palm Beach; where Standard American English is spoken. Miami English is more closely related to North-eastern dialects, that has been heavily influenced by the Spanish Language. This is due to the heavy migration from New York and New Jersey, and Latin American immigration to the city. The result of which is where the English spoken in Miami has incorporated the Spanish cadence into a heavily North-eastern manner of speaking. This is apparent how some vowels are pronounced and in how the letter "l" is pronounced. It is usually lengthened.[1] While English has an eleven vowel system, Spanish only has five; the result of which is English spoken with the distinctly five vowel system of Spanish.

Miami English is not simply Standard English spoken with a Spanish accent, but is in fact a dialect in its own right, and is spoken by native English speakers who do not speak any Spanish at all; including White non-Hispanics, and African-Americans. This foreign language impact on regional dialect varieties of American English have occurred in other parts of the country, including; how Scandinivian languages influenced Minnesota, French in Louisiana, and German in Pennsylvania. The difference is that Miami English is the newest dialect to form in the United States, as opposed to the latter mentioned examples. However, the Hispanic influence on the dialect fades away the higher up in social class one gets. Wealthy Hispanic-Americans in Miami tend to sound like they are from New York or Long Island while poorer Hispanic-Americans tend to keep their Spanish influences in their speech. This also holds true in the more Latino populated suburbs outside the city core where the dialect is strongest.


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