Miami Sun Sox

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Miami Sun Sox
(1940–1942, 1946–1954)
Miami, Florida
  • Class B (1949–1954)
  • Class C (1946–1948)
  • Class D (1940-1942)
Minor league affiliations
Major league affiliations
  • Miami Sun Sox (1949–1954)
  • Miami Tourists (1947–1948)
  • Miami Sun Sox (1946)
  • Miami Seminoles (1942)
  • Miami Wahoos (1940-1941)
  • Miami Stadium (1949–1954)
  • Miami Field (1940–1942, 1946–1949)
Minor league titles
League titles 2 (1950, 1952)

The Miami Sun Sox (also known as the Miami Tourists) were a minor league baseball affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers between 1949 and 1954. They played in the Florida International League and were based in Miami, Florida, at Miami Stadium.

The team began as the Miami Wahoos in 1940 and 1941, changed its name to the Miami Seminoles in 1942 and then shut down during World War II. When they resumed in 1946, they were the Sun Sox. In neither 1947 nor 1948 did they finish with a winning percentage greater than .500. Nevertheless, they made the league playoffs in 1947, losing in the first round.


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